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Pole Yoga is your solution to a more flexible life & body!

Welcome to Polga (pole yoga)! Polga for Beginners Course!

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What is Polga?  According to Yogapedia!  Polga is defined as: Yogapedia Definition

"Where the fun of pole fitness meets the essence of yoga"

Polga (pole yoga) is a trademarked exercise program that combines elements from pole fitness classes with Hatha yoga poses. The vertical pole adds a touch of fun and assists with alignment, stretching and strengthening in the poses while retaining yoga's meditative and relaxing aspects.

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Polga is an online experience that is only available right here! Our home workout will have you in tip top shape in no time.  Need a pole? No worries you can purchase one or ours and get one month FREE Trial.  Sign up for our easy to use membership that will keep you fit, flexible, strong, and feeling better than you ever have!

For a Limited time you can sign up for our Annual membership and receive a FREE Pole!

""I began taking Polga classes because I am a pole dancer and needed the flexibility and strength for my pole tricks. The classes have helped me remain consistent with stretching and have definitely improved my flexibility." "

Jessica H

"Wanted to let you know that I love the pole. I had some concern initially because I've had issues with poles in the past, but this pole is very durable and great quality. "


See how easy the pole is to install!


A look inside the Polga (pole yoga) Course!

Pose Movement Breakdown
New to Polga No worries we will breakdown the poses so they are easy to understand & follow.  We will also give modifications.
Relaxation/Stress reduction
Video and audio that guide you through meditation, visualtion, and relaxation.

30-45 min workouts

These videos feature 30-45 min routines that are sure to make you work,sweat, have fun, and improve your overall fitness.  "This ain't your mamas yoga class"
Cardio, core, and strength 
7-15 min short videos geared to specific body parts or fitness goals.
Videos, PDF's and more on the topic of nutrition
Community of like minded individuals  
ready to make change and communicate through our members only Social media pages and live retreats, seminars, and workshops.  

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