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Meet Our Polga (Pole Yoga) Instructors



Born and raised in Missouri, Jessica was always involved in all the sports growing up.  After graduating college and entering the “real world”, she took up running and then indoor cycling, but neither were fulfilling.  It wasn’t until she found the Stiletto Gym that she finally found a creative and athletic outlet.  Jessica’s trepidatious first class turned into love at first spin!  She loved that she was able to get in shape while learning cool tricks...and she could do it wearing high heels!

She’s been on her pole journey for almost 7 years now and eventually became an instructor in 2020.  She loves finding new music that motivates her to create new choreography.  One of her favorite things about teaching is watching students become more confident and helping them find that spicy, sexy side within!  When Jessica isn’t teaching or dancing, you can find her spending time with her kids and husband, working in her yard, or hanging out at her parent's farm.


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