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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for Polga ( Pole Yoga)

The pole is a separate price but you do get it for the discounted rate of $99 + shipping.
Discount code will be sent to you. 

I didn't see the number of videos included so I don't know what the typical time it takes to complete everything.  I assume there is no required in-person zoom training sessions required since you said we can do this on our own schedule.

 I would say about 3 weeks - 6 weeks is about average for completion if you are working consistently.   No required zoom but we will offer optional zoom classes/workshops starting the end of November. 

There is a short test and then you send in a video of you teaching a class for completion of certification.  

Yes, 3 months after you complete the certification you have the option of continuing to utilize the "instructor portal" . There are choreography chunks, Live sample classes, class samples,  and much more.   The cost is  $24 licensing monthly investment.  After completing training monthly licensing fee of $24- This allows you access to a library of classes, poses, choreography chunks, music list and much more.  Takes the guesswork out of organizing a class and saves you time.    Fee does not begin until 90 days from completion of training.  

You can take as long as you need to and start when you want.  We only offer the course a few times a year so I would register and then start when you can.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the training. 


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