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Who May Benefit Most from Polga (pole yoga) vertical barre workout?

Who May Benefit Most from Polga (pole yoga) vertical barre workout?

Polga (pole yoga) workouts are appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels, men and women.  Yes, men can do Polga and can benefit greatly from Polga, men do yoga so why not Polga!    It is ideal for individuals who wish to improve their overall strength and improve overall flexibly.  Many of us often sit in a hunched position at a desk or in front of a computer for long periods, and it takes a toll on our bodies and mind over time.  Polga helps stretch and strengthen muscles that we neglect due to our sedentary lifestyle.    Polga is appropriate for individuals who are seeking an intense but low-impact workout that will offer quick results.

Polga is also best for people who wish to work out their entire body every time they work out. Polga moves and poses focus on small, isolated groups of muscles which means that you will most likely be sore after each workout. Polga is great for those who are just are starting a exercise program, athletics, pole fitness enthusiasts, yogis, runners, golfers, and anyone else who wants to improve their overall strength and flexibility. 

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