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5 Reasons Why Pole Fitness & Pole Yoga are the New Workout Programs for this Decade (and Beyond)!

Pole fitness has increasingly grown in popularity in the fitness community, and there are several reasons why!

There are many beneficial effects of pole fitness & pole yoga, aside from being a total body workout!  It is great for flexibility, strength building, and confidence building.

1) It’s an effective workout

Pole fitness & pole yoga combines strength training, endurance, cardio and flexibility. It uses the muscles of the entire body, you will find muscles you did not know you had!   It is a different way to look at your workout experience, it is a great addition to your existing workout,  and it teaches the power of using body weight to workout. 

2) Its a great confidence building tool
Whether you are working on improving your strength or flexibility, your competence on the pole will carry into your everyday life. You'll find yourself sitting up straight, improvement in your posture, being able to bend over easier, getting  up and down off the floor with ease, and just "feeling better" overall.

3) It helps in promoting sensory awareness and balance.
Kinesthetic sense, also known as muscle memory, is the awareness of your own movement. By improving daily, your kinesthetic awareness rises. There are many advantages of having increased sensory alertness such as becoming more aware to sights, sounds, smells,etc . When paired with good balance, increased kinesthetic awareness enables you to improve some of life's mishaps like tripping and falling. 

4) It’s good for your heart and blood flow.
Just like any type of aerobic training, pole fitness is as beneficial for your heart. Since all the muscles are working, this consistency promotes blood flow. Good blood flow helps ensure that the cells in your body receives optimal amounts of oxygen and nutrients it needs to help your body function correctly. This is especially significant for those of us who spend hours sitting in a chair working or driving.  

5) It’s a great for a good night’s rest.
Many of us don’t get enough sleep, or just have trouble falling sleep. Just as important as any training, getting your rest helps promote muscle development. Workouts that engage the body joined with stretching is a great sleep aid. Exercise triggers increase in body temperature and the post exercises drop in temperature helps aid in falling asleep more quickly. It can also shift your body clock depending on the time your exercise was performed. 

All in all, not only is pole fitness great for your body and your mind. It’s a great way to get in shape while encouraging your self esteem and self-awareness

Looking for a Fun workout using the fitness pole?  Looking for a in home fitness program that you will stick to?  Looking to improve your flexibility and strength in 2020?  Then you should check out Polga (pole yoga) Fitness Program.  The pole as come along way from the strip club!  Now the pole is a legitimate workout performed by both women and men.  This is a fitness trend that is fun and “here to stay”.  Check out how you can perform this awesome workout in the comfort of your own home by visiting


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